Sunday, March 27, 2011

One of Jakes' favorite Christmas presents is his tool set! He loves it. He loves his goggles, his drills and he plays with them often to "build stuff".

Christmas Pictures at the Belagio

I wanted to get some cute pictures of the kids in thier Christmas clothes. This is what we came up with. Gracie's dress is so cute, and Jake looks like a handsome little man!!

Christmas 2010 in Ely

The week before Christmas the kids and I went to Ely to enjoy some time with Nana, Kim and the cousins. It was so much fun. We went to Grandma Belle's and played in the snow and ate ice cycles off their house. Aunt Ali took them sleigh riding in the back yard. Jake looked so cute in all his snow gear and had such a great time. Unfortuneatly I didn't realize until Christmas Eve that I had no sim card in my camara while taking pictures so these are all we have to show for all fun we had! It was such a great week to play with everyone it started snowing right after we got the car unpacked and didn't stop for 2 days.!! It was wet but sure made for a fun week before Christmas!! This is the anticipation of Christmas Eve. What will Santa bring?

Jake ready for bed with all his cousins!
The next morning we woke up and had to wait for everyone else to wake up so enjoyed laying in bed and drinking some milk before everyone else woke up.
Jake got a bike. He ran for this first!! What a wonderful present. He loved it, unfortunately he fell right off and wouldn't get back on for over and hour. Hopefully he will get the hang of it shortley.
Grace in her stocking! What fun stuff to play with!
Grace pushing around her stroller. If only we had brought that doll!!
Jake was playing with Papa Dean's jack when I told him he shouldn't play with it and that it was only for cars, he had just the right fit!!
There no he can lift his car!!!

Santa Pictures at Ball Pro Shop

We went and got Santa pictures at Bass Pro shops 12/07/2010. Grace did not like the man in Red!! Jake is uncertain about him also. But no presents if you don't ask for 'em.

Gracie Turns 1

Here is Gracie on her first Birthday Party!! She was in such a good mood. I can't believe it has already been a year!! Holy Cow time flies when your having fun! In attendence was Grandma and Grandpa cox, Nana Susan, Auntie Kim, Uncle Drew and all thier clan. It was so fun to have everyone over to celebrate your big day.

Here are her cakes. The bear I made for her to tear apart and demolish!! The other cake is for everyone else. What a fun thing for her.

She attacked the head first! After she got the head off she started to scoop out the inside to eat. It was so fun for her. Here is all that is left of the cake!

Gracie opening up her presents! She loved her little dollie. Kisses for her!

Grace Loves a balloon!! She gets excited just to see one. She was so glad there were ones at her party.

Thanksgiving 2010

We went to Papa Dean and Nana Susan's for Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure this will be Gracie's favorite holiday, any holiday that revolves around food has got to be good right! Grace and Jake getting ready for the feast!!

Gracie loves food!! All food, she isn't a picky eater at all.
She ate everything on her plate. And didn't waste hardly any on her shirt!! I was glad because she just ripps her bib off before the dinner comes.

Halloween 2010

On Halloween we decorated pumpkins with foam stickers. Jake really enjoyed this!!

We also decorated cupcakes. We decided Jake could have all the ones he decorated. He thought it was great that he could lick all the candy before he actually put it on his cupcake. He kept licking the frostin!! That's the best part, right. I think he knew what he was doing the whole time.
Jake really wanted to be a cowboy for halloween and because Grace is too little to decide she got to be an indian! They were so cute. Thanks to Nana Susan for helping us make her costume. It turned out darling with the arrows and all. What a great day we had!!

Them with cousin Addy getting ready for trick-or-treating. I think Jake enjoyed giving the candy more than getting it!!

Her little arrows on her back complete the costume.